is a worldwide promotional, advertising and crypto-currency trading platform. The Cryptocurrency market is very volatile as we know it, it can profit you millions or you can lose your fortune in hours of time. Many traders and miners start working along but it ends forthwith and the main reason behind is lack of experience, time and faulty management.

At Zarprofits, our goal is to establish a profitable profit sharing advertising and crypto trading platform that will change the lives of our members for the better. Almost 95% of the website revenue generated from sales of advertising units and Crypto Currency trading is distributed among our members that have active AdPacks in the system. So everyone earn money in a very fair and simple way

When you purchase an Ad share, you have the rights to earn a part of our revenue daily in form of 5% Daily Revenue share. And as a bonus, you will receive 5,000 banner credits per ad unit to promote your site/affiliate program of your preference.


Company Number -#11106247

Email :[email protected]
Address :-20-22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU, South Africa

3 level referral commission

Start sharing and promoting to your friends, relatives, colleagues and enjoy the benefit of 3-Tier referrals instantly. You don't even have to invest to take part in the referral program.

professional team

Specialists of have undergone specialized technical training, are experienced cryptocurrency users in the development of new mining concepts. Our support team is online 24*7 to help you.

instant Payment

The investment platform of works in an automatic mode, which helps to process all withdrawal requests instantly. Your withdrawal is only one click away. You can withdraw each and every hour.