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How Works is a worldwide promotional, advertising and crypto-currency trading platform operating from Cape Town , South Africa.

As a worldwide profit sharing business opportunity, our members become shareholders by purchasing Ad Packs starting from $10.00 per Ad Pack and can own up to 2000 Ad Packs per account.

Each Ad Pack purchased will pay sharesholders every 30 minutes until each Ad Packs has earned $15.50. At Maturity, each $10.00 Ad pack will produce a revenue sharing earnings of $15.50 .

That is an Amazing 155% Earning Per Ad Pack Purchased.


  • If you purchase just one Ad Packs which cost just $10.00
  • You will earn an average 0.08% Every 30 Minutes or 3.88% Daily for 40 days
  • so for every Ad Packs purchased, you will be earning a net profit of $5.50 At Maturity.



  • If you purchase just 10 Ad Packs which will cost you $100.00 and will produce $155.00 at Maturity
  • If you purchase just 100 Ad Packs which will cost you $1,000.00 and will produce $1,550.00 at Maturity
  • If you purchase just 1000 Ad Packs which will cost you $10,000.00 and will produce $15,550.00 at Maturity
  • So with 1000 Ad Packs your net profit will be $5,550.00 at Maturity



Amazing right?

Absolutely, as you can see the more Ad Packs you own, the higher your earning potentials. You can start with 1 Ad Packs or 10, or 100 or even 1,000 Ad Packss but the most important thing is that you get started today by login in and purchasing an Ad Packs.

At, we are dedicated to Helping our members achieve success.

The affiliate system:

Although referring is optional but for those that refer others into this amazing opportunity they will be highly rewarded. For example we pay 7% direct referral commission on all your direct referral purchases of Ad Packs and 3% & 2% on your 2nd and 3rd level referral purchases.

One fine thing about is that you can withdraw your earnings anytime you have a minimum $2.00 in your wallet and all withdrawals are paid almost instantly although our policy is that we pay all withdrawals within 24hrs to 48hrs. But please understand that for Bitcoin, litecoin and Bitcoin cash withdrawals. Minimum withdrawal is set at $5.00 due to their processing fees as it makes no sense to withdraw $1.00 and incur cost of $0.50 cents.

All you have to do right now is join, login and start purchasing your Ad Packss to take advantage of our revenue sharing program.

Once again , thank you for attention.

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Kelvin Hansen
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