General Questions is a worldwide promotional, advertising and crypto-currency trading platform whereby members purchase Ad-Packs and become elegible to share in the company's profits. Profits Distribution happens every 30 minutes and once you have an active Ad-Pack, you will continue to share in the companies profit every hour.
Almost 95% of the website revenue generated from sales of advertising units and Crypto Currency trading is distributed among our members that have active Ad Packs in the system. Profits are splitted every 30 minutes to members with Active Ad Packages.
Once you purchase an active Ad Pack, you will start to earn EVERY HOUR after that.
We currently only provide English language support.
You can start with just $10 Ad pack or you can purchase even more ad packs but the more ad packs you own the more money you will make! NO fees ever once you are active and never ever a monthly fees.

Deposit Questions

We accept deposits via Payeer, Perfect Money and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, LITECOIN and ETH .
The minimum deposit amount is $10.00.
Maximum deposit amount is $10,000 at a time..
We accept any type of bitcoin wallet as long as it allow you to send and receive bitcoin.
You will see earnings in your account exactly every hours as long as you have an active Ad Pack.
Earnings are 7 days a week for 31 calendar days.


The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC.
There is no maximum amount for withdrawal.
Yes, all process under are instant.
Withdrawals are usually processed instantly. How ever you need 3 blockchain confirmation to appear in your wallet.

Referral Program

Yes, we offer a 7%-3%-2% commission for all Ad Pack purchases from members referred by you.
All members are automatically part of the referral program. Please use your unique referral link in the members area to promote our program.
No deposit is required to earn referral commission. You only need to have a downline that makes a purchase.
There are no such restrictions on You can make account as many as you need.
You will receive referral commission in your account balance as soon as your downline makes a purchase.
Yes, as soon as you have account balance $2.50 or more you can withdraw it anytime.

Account & Security

Yes, your account is 100% safe.
For the benfit of all members and for the sustainability of the program, 10% of all of your earnings goes into your repurchase balance so you can continue to keep purchasing Ad packs and earning even more.
Yes, we pay 3% Ref commission and all purchases made from your repurchase balance
After adding account information for a payment method, we do not allow you to change it. This is for your own protection so that your funds cannot be stolen if your account is hacked. If you need to change your payment account, please contact our support and we will change it for you.
You can recover your password using the "Forgot Password" link at login. Your password will be sent to the e-mail address on your account.

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